The Travancore Heritage Beach Resort

The Travancore Heritage is a property set at a height of 120 feet high cliff that slowly and steadily descends to be at eye level with the sea. The architecture recreates a glorious era, a time when carved wood houses and timeless architectural elegance was a common sight. Besides the grandeur and charisma of the place, there is also an age old practice of traditional Ayurveda offered in the property that rounds up the very meaning of Kerala glorious past. Rich in heritage and blessed with stunning landscape, the location is completely holistic and apt for healing.

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The flourishing 15 acres of the property was founded by Mr. Chacko Paul 13 years ago, with a simple vision to build a place where Kerala can be experienced in its complete form. His initial plans included offering unadulterated Ayurveda at a tropical location that is apt for the treatments that will be sublimely done in traditional architectural style.

The heritage property in itself is a chapter off the pages of history. The reception building is in fact the revered Chennithala Palace which was the residing place of the Maharaja of Cochin. This was in fact a traditional ettukettu (traditional Kerala homes having eight halls with two central courtyards) which was bought at an auction and transported to be built back as it was. This palatial structure was deconstructed, transported to this location and was reconstructed in the present location as the property’s reception and lobby building.

The many cottages that serve as accommodation are almost 150 years old family houses that were used recreate the old world charm at the property.



Treatment rooms placed very close to the swimming pool and is nearly hidden between the bountiful medicinal trees surrounding it. Each room is equipped with a paathi (massage board) made of the barks of trees with medicinal value. Each treatment room has a steam chamber and heating facilities. The therapists would guide the guests through the procedure with utmost care and precision.

The treatment rooms are made of mud bricks which as per ancient Ayurveda texts has relevance and importance in healing. Made of natural material, bricks lend a positive and therapeutic effect on the treatments.

The course of treatment here caters to the three dimensions of a human being – the body, mind and soul. Besides treatments, there is also a need for lifestyle changes, which the resort caters to by providing the ambience and lifestyle to suit it.



All rooms are equipped with modern facilities despite the ancient and rustic looks which makes the stay even more enjoyable.


There are 4 visiting physicians in the property. Dr. Sydney is one of the two senior doctors and he has been a part of the Travancore Heritage Resort for over 13 years. He has a total of 26 years of experience in Ayurveda treatment and healing.

Dr. Jill Jouthi is the other senior doctor who has been at the property for 7 years now. She has a total of 24 years of experience after completing her course in Ayurveda Medicine from Trivandrum Ayurveda College

Each guest is met by a junior and senior doctor on day 1 post which the junior doctors do the daily consultation. On the last day, the guest is met by both doctors again to do a review and medicines for the next 3 months are prescribed.

The doctors diligently follow up with their guests on a regular basis to understand the proceeds and changes as per the course of the treatment.

Yoga and Meditation

Mr. Narayana Kaimal has been the yoga instructor in the property for about 12 years. He is an expert in Reki and meditation besides yoga. He does also conduct individual classes for guests upon request. In the serenity lent by the quiet and dense greenery and a far off roar of the waves crashing, make the place great for meditation and yoga.

Hata yoga is taught which teaches sooryanamaskara, basic asanas, pranayama, meditation techniques and relaxation techniques.


Medicines are obtained from reliable pharmacies and production units.

Vegetables and groceries are mostly sourced from farmers and organic produce vendors. However, a portion of the vegetables and herbs used to cook the Ayurveda menu are home grown and form a part of the flourishing vegetation that dots the property.


There are three restaurants in the property of which one is the Ayurveda Restaurant that serves up buffet style meals. The menu usually is based on instructions from the physicians. All guests are provided with healthy vegetarian Kerala food with less oil and spices to suit the treatment.

An assortment of juices, salads alongside healthy soups, rice and curries are what mainly constitute the meals.

Herbal water is available whenever required.


Ayurveda Packages

The treatment wing and Ayurveda centre is called Anandam. The word means bliss and euphoria in Sanskrit. As per ancient beliefs the musical raga called Anandabhairavi had the abilities to cure illnesses and hence it only makes sense for a treatment wing to be so called. The Ayurveda centre adheres to the 5000 old science as it is and helps in healing by providing all facets of the treatment. It is believed that and imbalance in the vital chakras of one’s body results in illness and here, a basic diagnosis is always performed to determine the imbalance.

There are various treatment and relaxation programs on the offer.


Set on the ever slopes of hillocks of Chowara and leading down to the pristine Chowara beach, the shift in landscape is vivid and delightful. As the resort is at a considerable height, the guests can be transported to the tropical beach in an instant through the lift(elevator) built into the walls of the cliff. The lift helps transport guests from the luscious landscape to sandy beach front in no time. The resort is enriched with trees mostly of medicinal values, carefully manicured garden spaces and sprawling carpets of green grass.


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