Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort

Driving through the majestic archway at the entrance of Kairali, what meets the eye is a sprawling and lush green 15 acre property converted into Ayurveda heaven, enveloped by dense tree cover. Run by the Kairali group, this property is what can ideally be called Ayurveda heaven.

The aesthetic value of this entire healing centre is not just appealing to the eye but also the mind. All in all, the term ‘holistic healing’ has been taken very seriously. For instance, a man-made stream meanders all across the property. As per the doctors, the sound of a stream aids Ayurveda as per ancient manuscripts. This attention to detail is the most impressive features of this beautiful Ayurveda healing village.

The property has modern facilities such as a well maintained swimming pool, a gymnasium, a tennis court, a billiards/snooker parlor and a library besides yoga and meditation centers and a large treatment wing with separate treatment rooms for men and women.

Kairali has bagged many awards like the PATWA, Green Leaf Certificate and was deemed one of the top 50 Wellness Destinations in the world by National Geographic and many more accolades that adorn the walls of the treatment wing. This only goes on to prove further that it is indeed a marvelous location to not only unwind and relax but to heal in a wholesome environment.

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Kairali as an Ayurveda Healing destination has been around for a long time. Kairali groups established the first treatment centre in Delhi in 1989. Success of this branch lead to the expansion to various part of the country in no time. Adhering to age old practices and techniques, Kairali has over the years only ensured furthermore that Ayurveda treatments are done in the most accurate and traditional forms. In 1997, Kairali Ayurveda Healing village took wings in Kerala. The resort location, which was a forest at the time has retained a lot of it’s previous characteristics.



The aesthetically built treatment wing has fountains alongside the stream to ensure that the sound of gushing water aids in the treatment. The treatment rooms are ventilated and spacious.

The massage boards are made of wood that are obtained from medicinal trees as they are said to aid healing. Light soulful music plays during the treatment time to help patients unwind, relax and completely give into the treatment.

Post treatment they head to a waiting room where hot and refreshing herbal tea is served. It’s customary to meet the doctor post treatment to track progress before carrying on with the day’s activities.



The rooms are comfortable and well equipped. Toiletries are from the Kairali brand and are completely herbal in nature. Each cottage is independent and faces the stream. The insides are furnished adequately and are equipped with state of the art facilities including a telephone, television, AC and 24 hour hot water availability. Newspapers are delivered to each cottage every morning.

Each cottage is named after zodiac signs in Malayalam and each guest is assigned a room as per their respective zodiac sign. The entire healing village is built based on Vastu (Feng Shui) and hence, the zodiacs make for abundant luck. Red oxide flooring and various bricks have been used to design each villa, by Lourie Baker, the British architect of the cottages.


There is a team of 3 doctors. Dr. T. R. Chadrasekaran is the senior most physician who has been a part of Kairali group ever since its inception in 1989. He has a prior experience of 26 years with Keraliya Ayurveda Samaja Hospital and Nursing Home. Being from one of the renowned Ayurveda families from Kerala called Kalathil. At 78 years, he is a jovial young man who firmly believes in the holistic healing that Kairali has to offer. Dr. Sharavan and Dr. Abida are the other two doctors who have been working for Kairali for 5 years and 4 years, respectively.

Yoga and Meditation

A 1 hour meditation session in the evening at 7.30pm and a 1 hour yoga session in the morning at 6.30am is a part of the daily routine at Kairali. The yoga and meditation instructor Mr. Raghunathan, believes that Ayurveda’s way of healing is multifaceted. It involves a change in lifestyle that includes exercising, diet and medicinal intake. Yoga and meditation loosely fall under the exercising branch—exercising of the body and exercising of the mind. Yoga and meditation lend the mental and physical ability to fight any ailment that is plaguing one’s body and Mr Raghu customizes each session depending on his guests health needs. He conducts individual classes through the day for guests who are interested. He also keenly follows up with patients, through email and skype to help them include yoga and meditation into their daily lives. Yoga and meditation can heal even relationships as the life you lead feels much calmer. .


Medicines are made and brought in from Kairali’s very own production unit located in Pollachi. This manufacturing unit was established by Dr. K.S Vasudevan, father of Mr. K. V Ramesh (Managing Director. Kairali Group) under the name of Spalabs. The herbal remedies created here are a mix of ancient methods and new age technology to create a modern range of the much sought after medicines.

There is a well maintained herbal garden within the property that caters to all other needs such as usage of herbs in cooking and some medication.

There is a state of the art vegetable garden with all varieties of vegetables grown in-house ensuring excellent quality and no usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. A paddy field is also a part of the property from where the rice comes in.

Kairali is indeed one of the very few healing centres that makes its own medicines and sources its own herbs and vegetables.

The water is also acquired from a nearby pond, purified and used in the property.


Food is simply the most important thing and the effort behind each meal in Kairali is visible in the way, the staff describes each item that is put on the plate. Mostly herbs, vegetables and groceries that are grown in the resort are used. Oil is minimum and so is sugar and other spices, in the strictly vegetarian fare that is cooked.

Breakfast is hearty, wholesome and absolutely nutritious. The regular breakfast fare includes a plate of assorted cut fruits, a fruit juice (vegetable juice in case prescribed by doctor), any one Malayali steamed breakfast item such as idli, idiyappam etc. No tea is served for most guests as their diet does not allow it. Sugar in any case is replaced by palm sugar.

Lunch includes a vegetable soup, salad, three curries, a portion of rice and rotis(flat Indian pancakes made of wheat flour) and dinner is similar but a different menu, with the exception of an additional dessert made with the aforementioned palm sugar only.

All these are subject to changes as per the diet prescribed by the physician.

Two types boiled water is served at all times – Padhimukham and Njerinjali are two herbs that when added to water and boiled render healing to various ailments. .


Ayurveda Packages

Kairali has no pre-prepared treatment packages. Each course is decided based on the consolations and diagnosis only. The course, the number of days, diet and so on is all prescribed the physician only after consultation.


Situated in the scenic town of Palakkad in Kerala, the famed southern state of India, Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort is the perfect retreat for the discerning traveler. Palakkad is just a 6 hour drive from Bangalore .The nearest airport is Coimbatore which is just a one hour drive. From Cochin International Airport, it is only 2 hrs


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