Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

If your objective is to have Ayurvedic healing and luxurious vacation, then Mangosteen Resort and Ayurveda Spa would be the ideal destination. Nestled on the Phuket’s most sought after location and in absolute close proximity to the gorgeous beaches, this would be your ideal Thailand vacation. There is a 24 hour Ayurveda physician who attends to cases on a regular basis. Mangosteen is indeed a pioneer in combining hospitality with Ayurveda in Thailand.

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The property was started in March 2003. They were awarded the 5-star Boutique Resort recognition in 2005 and have been living up to this recognition ever since. The property is run by a local family. The family members supervise each functionality at the property themselves, ensuring perfect service. Hajo Von Keller is the MD of the property.



Based on the diagnosis the treatment is performed by expert therapists. The treatment entails authentic Ayurveda procedures. The four large and comfortable treatments rooms are furnished with all required items for treatment. The rooms are located in the centre of the property and provide panoramic views of the lush property around.

The respective dosha is identified by means of a dosha questionnaire, Nadi pariksha(pulse diagnosis), and ashtanga pariksha ( physical examination ). Internal herbal preparations and herbal teas are also provided as per requirement to complement the Ayuryoga programs .



At Mangosteen, care has been taken immense care has been taken to ensure that this is not yet another Hotel. Each guest is provided with a villa accommodation. The most unique aspect however, lies in the architecture. The building process has mainly used natural materials and fibers to build the property. The interior designer John Underwood has ensured usage of environment friendly materials lending the property an earthy and grounded feel, despite the luxurious amenities. The rooms have been designed to stay naturally cool.

Each villa is provided with WiFi, mini fridge, hammocks and all other modern facilities.


The property follows authentic Ayurveda and has a physician at all times within the poperty premises.

Dr. Subhash is the onsite Ayurveda physican who attends to cases at the property who meets with each guest upon arrival and performs a diagnosis. He finished his BAMS in India and trained under renowned teachers there before moving here. His sessions usually believe with counseling on the chakra imbalances, medical history and pulse diagnosis. Being a true believer of the concept of living with nature, Dr. Subhash advises his guests to adopt a healthy lifestyle right from day one.

He started his career with Ittina Wellness in India in 2006 post which he has been practising under the Mangosteen banner for nearly 5 year now offering private sessions of marma therapy (therapy pertaining to pressure points), panchakarma detox, spa retreats, diet workshops, health talks and hands on training.

Yoga and Meditation

An excellent yoga and meditation session is organized for guests at the pool deck area to enable the healing of the mind and soul along with the body. The sublime location in itself acts as a relaxant and when combined with yoga, tranquility is assured.

For beginners Ashtanga yoga classes are held. However, if any guest requires intermediate or advanced level yoga classes the same can be arranged.


Medicines for treatment are sourced from renowned Ayurveda medicine manufacturing brands in India and Bangkok. However, some herbs growing around the property is used to make some of the medicines in the property itself

The vegetables and groceries are all sourced externally. However, care is taken to ensure only fresh and organic produce is obtained.


A complete detox diet aimed at fulfilling the treatment requirements is created for all Ayurveda guests in the property. The meals are called satvik meals which implies that they have satva or all gunas (benefits) that a meal should have.

The meals are prepared based on the trisdoshas or the three doshas (imbalances in the body chakras). Based on the dominance of either of the three doshas, the meals include the ingredients that are believed to naturally cure the imbalance or due to the deficiency of which the imbalance has occurred. The concept of shad rasas or six tastes in Ayurveda has been followed while designing the Ayurveda cuisine.

The meals are prepared with herbs and some essential spices that aid in healing. Hot water and detoxifying tea are both mandatory additions to the diet program.

Thai cuisine takes a completely healthy turn here despite the flavours and taste remaining intact.


Ayurveda Packages

The property usually indulges in treatment course post diagnosis. However, there are certain treatment packages that aid certain guests.


This little piece of heaven is situated in Rawai, Phuket. The location is a hillock with close proximity to the Nai-Harn beach which has been voted the Number 1 beach in Thailand and the third best in Asia by TripAdvisor. The location is a forest land that overlooks the beach on the East. The property is also very close to popular tourist haunts such as Coral Islands, Racha islands, and is about 20 minutes from Phuket town.

The best part of this fantastic location is that it is just far enough to stay away from the melee of a crowded tourist place and yet has stunning views and provides for a complete rejuvenating experience.


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