Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort

First of its kind in Sri Lanka, Surya Lanka offers Panchakarma cure to its guests. While offering authentic and classical Panchakarma, this resort is also famous for its hospitality and care. Located in one of the most picturesque bays the resort offers you a tropical beach holiday combined with Ayurveda cure.

Surya Lanka, in addition to the holistic well-being of the guests also offers a wide array of well-organized programs like afternoon excursions, cookery demonstrations etc.

Surya Lanka offers you a well-balanced Ayurveda holiday largely due to its successful blend of western management with traditional Sri Lankan warmth and hospitality. As a result, Ayurveda at Surya Lanka has evolved into a highly effective and respected Ayurveda resort system for guests seeking holistic well-being.

The resort is built on a former coconut estate. The original palm trees provide shaded areas where guests can lounge on garden beds or hammocks in between their Ayurveda treatments. Those seeking sun can use the deck of the 18-metre freshwater swimming pool.

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Surya Lanka was established in 1995, in a small village in Sri Lanka. Besides providing authentic Ayureda programs, the resort has undertaken various initiatives to improve the lives of the local community and also to make sure the natural habitat and surrounding are preserved with minimum impact. Here’s some of Surya Lanka’s involvement in local community and environment:

  • A Village Fund, established in 1996, continues to give scholarships to a number of village children so that they can attend school with all the necessary materials.
  • Locally sourcing fruits and vegetables for the kitchen as well as herbs for medicines in order to support the local economy.
  • Providing employment for a number of people in the village and further afield, while at the same time providing training for others so that they can gain employment elsewhere.
  • Using groundwater for the watering of Surya Lanka’s gardens.
  • Using recyclable filters in the restaurant in order to reduce the amount of plastic consumed.
  • Changing all existing lighting to CFL bulbs in order to increase the amount of light emanated while at the same time reducing power usage.
  • Surya Lanka, together with the funds from the people of Muldenthal, rebuilt damaged houses and built new houses for those affected by the tsunami in 2004.
  • Provided three fishing boats and equipment, and cleaned the shallow sea bed of debris, in order for fishermen to resume their livelihoods in the aftermath of the tsunami.
  • Financially supported the Talalla refugee camp in the aftermath of the tsunami.
  • Plans to install solar panels and hence reduce dependence on coal powered electricity


At the outset couple of consultations will be held – Initial consultation will be held to assess the guest’s medical history, current medical condition, lifestyle etc. This will be followed up by a constitutional check-up which gives each guest his / her individual reading of the bio-energies of Vata, Pitta, Kapha. This check includes nadi (pulse diagnosis) and a written questionnaire. Based on these 2 consultations, guests receive their individual treatment plan and a personalized food chart (if necessary). In additions, a Mid consultation – a formal assessment of the progress of the cure and a final consultation – guests are given advice on lifestyle, medicines and advice on western foods suitable for their constitution type / medical condition to use after their Ayurveda cure in Sri Lanka.

The above are scheduled consultations. Outside of these, guests can meet the doctors during working hours if they need additional information or further consultations.

Surya Lanka offers all treatments performed in Panchakarma like Abhayanga, Sirodhara etc.

The Resort has two Ayurveda treatment centers which house the Doctors’ consultation rooms as well as separate dedicated sections for massages, Shirodhara, Herbal baths etc. A separate area is reserved for the preparation of some of the medicines given during the course of the cure.



Surya Lanka offers three categories of rooms: Standard rooms, beachfront rooms and new wing rooms. All the accommodation options are specifically built to provide a sense of peace and harmony needed for an Ayurveda and Yoga retreat. The resort has total of 42 rooms spread out over five separate buildings.

All rooms are tastefully furnished and spacious, with large balconies or terraces each with its own garden and/or ocean views and all of them also ensures maximum privacy and quiet. More on different types of rooms:


Dr Pamodini Nanayakkarawasam and Dr Thilakaratne Kahandawa are the two main Doctors at Surya Lanka.

Dr. Pamodini Nanayakkarawasam holds a B.A.M.S (Honours) from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. She also holds an Associate degree in Yoga and Relaxation techniques from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. Before joining Surya Lanka Dr.Nanayakkarawasam was Chief Ayurveda Physician at two Ayurveda resorts in Sri Lanka.

Dr Thilakaratne Kahandawa holds a D.S.A.C from the Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute in Yakkala. Dr Kahandawa joined Surya Lanka after being the Medical Officer in charge at the Central Ayurveda Hospital in Thanthirimale and also the Chief Ayurveda Physician at two Ayurveda Resorts in Sri Lanka.

Yoga and Meditation

Surya Lanka believes that Yoga is an essential element of the Ayurveda way of life, promoting harmony of mind, body and soul. The combination of posture, inner concentration, controlled breathing (Pranayama) and movement stimulates life energy and guides the mind to a state of calm awareness. The duo of traditional Hatha Yoga and Pranayama beautifully complements the Panchakarma cure, delaying the ageing process and assisting with the detoxification process.

At Surya Lanka guests are offered ten lessons of Yoga per week – five days morning and evening. Lessons are designed to cater to beginners, advanced practitioners and everyone in between. The Yoga lessons are usually conducted on the pool deck, allowing guests to practice with the sights and sounds of nature around them.

Increasingly, Yoga practitioners from around the world are bringing


Most medicines are procured from reliable sources.


In ayurveda food is considered as medicine for both the body and the spirit. Food is considered as part of the treatment and plays an important role in re-aligning the disturbed bio- energies of Vata, Pitta, Kapha and thereby restoring well-being.

At Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort, our team of doctors and kitchen / restaurant staff closely monitor each guest’s diet. Guidelines of dietary principles that need to be followed during panchakarma cure are detailed and explained to the guests and is provided with a booklet.

With these guidelines in mind, prepare yourself for a buffet of fresh fruit juices or king coconut; delicate soups; an array of Sri Lankan rice and curries using a wide selection of mildly spiced / herbed vegetables, pulses and mallums (nutritious green leaf salads). Dessert follows – tropical fruit platters and curd (buffalo milk, like yoghurt and considered helpful during the panchakarma cleansing).

Meals are usually taken outside in the Surya Lanka palm garden; the beautiful locale adds to the taste.

A weekly cookery demonstration takes you “behind the scenes” – grinding of coconuts; preparation of curry powder, Sri Lankan style; how to prepare kola kenda (herbal porridge) etc. Guests would have the opportunity to watch and learn how to prepare some of the traditional meals served at a Sri Lankan Wellness Resort.


Ayurveda Packages

Surya Lanka offers 3 types of cures: Light cure, Intensive sure and Heil Cure.


Located approximately 165 kms south of Colombo, close to the southernmost point of Sri Lanka, Surya Lanka is in an ideal location for your Ayureda holiday. Situated directly on the stunning Talalla bay, an area of the country world renowned for its golden sandy beaches fringed by tropical vegetation. The secluded Talalla is away from the mass tourism areas along the rest of the coast. The resort enjoys absolute beach frontage, with direct access to the 1km long bay and the warm, clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean and is ideal for swimming.


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