The Privilege Ayurveda Beach Resort

Set amidst three and half acres of sprawling coconut estates in The Privilege Ayurveda resort. The awe inspiring location is a healer by itself and provides its guest with instant nirvana. Built in colonial style with antique décor, Privilege is where heritage meets luxury in its finest form. A striking view of the stunning Indian Ocean from the property makes the place a slice of heaven. The Privilege combines this holistic ambience with authentic Ayurveda to make the healing complete – mind, body and soul.

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The property opened its doors to guests in 2001 to bring to Colombo world class Ayurveda in a resort like luxurious atmosphere. The Privilege is owned and managed by Asien Reisen Pvt. Ltd. The chairman Susil De Alwis is a veteran in hospitality with a total of experience of 25 years in International hospitality.

The property has been created to represent a heritage stay. Various artifacts with historical significance grace the entire property, lending it a desired medieval touch.



Location is prime when it comes to holistic healing and The Privilege is indeed blessed with one. The massages are soothing and offer the right amount of pressure to ease your frayed nerves and transport you to therapy heaven. The process includes consultation with the chief physician post which a treatment curriculum is charted. There is a brilliant and effective Panchakarma treatment program which rejuvenates the entire body. Well trained masseuses are instructed by the physicians before carrying out the treatment. The treatment entails not just ailment based healing but also an overall energizing and regeneration therapy.



There are 12 rooms totally spanning the entire property and each room is a cavern of luxury and relaxation. The rooms are surrounded by palm fringed land space overlooking the Indian Ocean at a distance that makes for a great view.

The rooms are indeed a mirror of ancient décor style and comfortable living.

The rooms have a living room, bedroom with attached bathroom, and private balcony or terrace. Each room is a splendid blend of modern facilities and antique furnishing that lends the rooms an old world charm.

Each room has state of the art amenities ranging from television, AC, WiFi and all other mandatory requirements.

The property designed by the famous Geoffrey Bawa is a fine example of colonial luxury and airy architecture that allows one to make full use of Sri Lanka’s tropical weather.


The Privilege has well qualified and experienced Doctors to take care of the health needs of the guests. There are in house doctors that carry out daily consultations. The senior doctors perform the initial consultation to identify a guest’s dosha (imbalance in the body chakra). Having identified this, a treatment course is devised along with permissible activity list, diet inclusions and exclusions, additional medicines and a treatment course. This is then discussed with a junior doctor who then carries out the procedure as per instructions.

Yoga and Meditation

Rejuvenation of body and equal rejuvenation of mind is the key to Ayurveda healing and so the resort offers yoga and meditation for the guests seeking the peace and calm. The resort offers daily Yoga sessions by one of the best Yoga guru’s in Sri Lanka who is trained and qualified in India. Meditation is practiced on the lawns of the resort which makes for a marvelous spot for relaxation. The property is said to be a heaven for various species of birds, that chime along with the roar of the ocean to make a stunning backdrop for serenity.

Yoga and meditation is believed to heal sleeping disorders and various ailments to do with stress, tiredness and general well being. Including yoga in your lifestyle is a sure way of staying healthy and happy and The Privilege paves way for it.


All vegetables and fruits are grown within the property in complete organic environments with no chemical fertilizers. Some items are sourced locally from the village farmers, hence assuring fresh produce. The sea food is from the selection of freshly caught fish from the same day.

Medicines are sourced from reliable external establishments.


Fresh and delicious Sri Lankan fare gets a makeover for the benefit of the Ayurveda guests. The chefs build a menu based on your suggested regimen and ensure that each meal consists of the characteristic properties: Guna (property), Virya (potency), Vipaka (post digestive effect) and Prabhava (special attributes).

The restaurant is located on the second floor hence providing the diners with an uninterrupted view of the ocean ahead, with a cool breeze and ample sunlight during the day.

The breakfast is delicious and healthy. It consists of a herbal porridge that consists of various green leaves including Gotukola, Elabatu, Ranawara etc. This is followed by healthy main breakfast dishes such as pittu (steamed rice flour and coconut moulds), green grams and so on. The course ends with a fruit platter.

Lunch and dinner is usually a similar menu with different items. Both are based on the prescribed Ayurveda diet. The mains usually include fresh fish, delicately cooked vegetables and herbal curries.


Ayurveda Packages

Even though most treatments are carried forward based purely on the diagnosis, there are some detoxification and rejuvenation therapy treatment packages.

The resort specializes in the Panchakarma treatment it offers that includes Vasti, Vamana, Virechana, Nasya and Rakthamoksha.

Besides the above mentioned treatment course, the guests undergo steam bath, full body massage, head massage, shirodhara, thermo treatment, inhalation, herbal bath, flower bath, and so on for each ailment diagnosed.


The property is situated in Wadduwa, on the western coast of Sri Lanka. The location makes for an undisturbed holistic environment that aids Ayurveda and a blissful holiday.

Acres of garden dotted with palm and coconut trees overlooks the gorgeous Indian Ocean making it one of the best forms of natural rejuvenation.


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