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Somatheeram Beach Resort

When leisurely beaches meet holistic healing, the situation is a win-win. The sprawling property at Somatheeram Beach is nothing short of splendid. Built on a terraced hill that leads to the sea, the transition from near forest terrain to a sudden burst of sandy beach and vast blue sea is stunning as well as refreshing. The style of accommodation and food is all about Ayurveda here, and despite its leisurely feel, Somatheeram is an Ayurveda Healing Centre by all means. This is place that will leave a lasting impression in you.

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Somatheeram Health formed a part of Somatheeram Group which was the first ever concept Ayurveda Resort started in Kerala, India started in 1989.



Between the manicured lawns and green dense forest like foliage, nestled far inside are treatment rooms that are well equipped. Impeccably dressed therapists lead you into the rooms where the flame from lamps lit to local deities is the only source of light, lending an instant feeling of calm. The paathi (massage board) is made of medicinal tree barks and covered in sponge mattresses to ensure comfort. Post treatment the guests are lead to the common area where refreshing coconut water is served.




Each room is enabled with WiFi and state of the art facilities. The rooms have luscious garden view or sea view if not both and have been designed keeping traditional architecture in mind.

The accommodation replicates classic Kerala architecture and is classified as follows:


A fine list of experienced doctors makes Somatheeram resort a much sought after Ayuveda destination. Dr. Seena Rajendran is he senior medical officer who has a total of 3 years experience at the property. She has a total of 26 years of experience in the field of ayurveda healing and is a much sought after physician in the property. The repeat guest percentage of 75% is testimony to the perfect expertise with which cases are dealt here.

There are 4 other medical officers who assist and do consultations on a regular basis. Each guest is assigned one doctor and a pair of therapists during the entire course of their stay.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation forms an important part of the lifestyle at Somatheeram Resort. Hatha yoga is widely practiced in three levels of expertse – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. There are three instructors — Deepu who has been working at the property for 7 years, and Jabastian and Sridevi who assist.

There are two yoga halls of which one has a closer proximity to the sea and is open on the sides while the other one is amidst dense foliage and a little farther from the sea side. The benefit here is that guests gets to pick their area of calm and peace. While some find tranquility in natural greenery and the rustle of trees, the others find it in the crashing of the waves and the cool breeze and wafting scent of the sea beyond.


Somatheeram group has a production unit of their own where the medicines are manufactured and use for all treatments. This enables the doctors to concoct specialized medicine as per diagnosis and in preferable quantities.

Some vegetables are obtained from the property itself though a most of them are sourced from local farmers who deliver fresh and organic produce. Milk and dairy products are acquired from the property’s cow farm. Local herbs used in cooking and treatment are all grown in the property.


Joji, the executive chef along with Anish are the masterminds behind the delectable fare served meal after meal. The chefs interact with the doctors to decide upon menus and the ways to make them suitable for Ayurveda guests. The meals are prepared keeping in mind each guest’s diagnosis. Herbal tea and medicated water are available round the clock.

Breakfast is a lavish spread of Malayali breakfast items with chutneys alongside fruits, juices, cereal, toast, jams.

Lunch is served in clay pots, buffet style. An assortment of soups, refreshing drinks, a couple of kerala snacks, pickles and chutneys are followed by an array of salads form the extensive appetiser section. The main course indulges the guest in a variety of rices which includes both plain rice and special rice preparations that are accompanied by vatha, pitha or kapha specific curries and rotis. Desserts usually are healthy Kerala style items made of fruits, coconut, wheat and palm sugar.

Dinner follows a similar style as the lunch however, the menu is replaced completely.

The restaurant is really close to the beach and offers a remarkable view besides being adjacent to the carefully tended garden.


Ayurveda Packages

Even though in most cases a diagnosis determines the course of treatment, packages such as Panchakarma treatment, Rejuvenation therapy, Body purification therapy, Slimming treatment, Anti-ageing treatment, Stress management and Beauty care treatments are available.

Besides the pre-designed packages, various ailments are treated as per diagnosis. The most recurrent cases are of psoriasis, arthritis, post pregnancy care, lifestyle issues and so on.


Set on the shore of the pristine Chowara beach facing the Arabian Sea, Somatheeram beach is situated on a mighty picturesque location. The location is towards the south of Kovalam, near Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. Tropical vegetation meets beach in a smooth gradient here, offering one of the most delightful experiences.


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