Niramayam Heritage Ayurveda Hospital

Being a small and authentic Ayurveda Spa, Niramayam is enormously flourishing in terms of Ayurveda. The property is a whiff of fresh air from the usually sought after resorts. This heritage Ayurveda retreat caters to guests who seek authentic and staunch Ayurveda only and this in turn makes Niramayam a authentic Ayurveda resort for holistic healing. The property is in fact an erstwhile abode of a renowned family of Brahmins and was called Chittoor mana. Built in the 1948, the family was believed to be a popular one in the temple town where it is situated. History has it that the family contributed to the social and individual development of the little town immensely, traces of which are still evident from the local schools and temples that were gifts to the town from the family.

The idea of giving to mankind has been passed down through generations and has lead to the pioneering of the venture in 2013, that caters to providing authentic traditional treatment to guests, in the very same ancestral house. The small space caters to a less number of guests at a given time to provide undivided attention to each and every guest. Niramayam is equivalent to a home away from home and the Ayurveda experience is rejuvenating and the hospitality is heartwarming.

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Niramayam is run by the family of the house Chittoor Mana. It is believed that this family has played a huge role ever since 2000 years ago, in the development of the locality. The family members were highly respected and the dignitaries of kings and their likes. These namboodiris are said to have been more powerful than kings when it came to temple matters. King Samoothiri is said to have been affectionately attached to the family. The family also was very close to the then members of the famed Vaidyaratnam family who are practitioners of Ayurveda for generations now. And therefore Ayurveda has been a part of parcel of this Namboodiri mana since time immemorial. And being affluent and respected at the time, they have always been a development and welfare oriented family. What is traceable to recent times are the many schools, hospitals, government buildings, playgrounds and various other spaces that were donated for the social wellbeing of Cherpu’s (Cherpu is a little village near the temple town of Thrissur where the resort is situated) people.



Treatment rooms are well equipped and immaculate. The massage boards are made of barks of medicinal trees in order to allow them to impart their healing quality. There is slow music that plays during the treatment to drown out any unnecessary voices and to lend a soothing and relaxing feel to the patient. Treatments vary as per doctor’s recommendation. Two well trained masseuse’s generally assist and aid you through the entire treatment.



Niramayam has 10 well furnished and luxurious rooms, with attached bath. The rooms are named after natural herbs which are used for preparing various medicines in Ayurveda , viz. Mukkuti, Sahadevi, Durva, Nilapana, Sasasruthi, Sakralatha, Lakshmana, Bhringaraja , Bhadra and Vishnu Kranta. These herbs are also known as Dashapushpangal (a group of ten herbs) with great intrinsic values.


Niramayam has two feathers on its cap in the form of two senior physicians.

Dr. K. M. P Chakyar ( MD Ayurveda) has and experience of 35 years of dedicated service that has helped people across the nation. He learnt Ayurveda in the ancient gurukul fashion from the renowned and revered Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamadham families. After working at Vaidyamadham for a while, he went on to work for 22 years at Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Hospital and is currently the Principal of PNNM Ayurveda college besides being a visiting physician at Niramayam.

Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamadham Dr. Rajeev Namboothiri (Senior Consultant Physician) is from a family of Ayurveda doctors who have been game changers in the field of Ayurveda for generations now. After passing his BAMS from Ayurveda College in Coimbatore, he worked under his father Dr. V. M. Brahmadathan Namboothiri, hence gaining both, the conventional classroom training and real time exposure under the expert guidance of his father.

Besides the two senior physicians there are two junior resident doctors who stay in the property and execute the treatment plans laid by the senior doctors and assist in constant monitoring and emergency cases.

The posse of doctors in Niramayam is huge plus point as the physicians are associated to families that are pioneers in Ayurveda in Kerala.

Yoga and Meditation

Miss. Reshmi M is the yoga and meditation instructor who also resides in the property. An hour of yoga in the morning and an hour of meditation in the evening is the drill for most guests. Her yoga sessions range from easy to medium on level of difficulty. She remembers each guest’s individual ailment and provides them with alternative asanas that will aid their specific conditions. Her calming voice makes it easier to summon inner peace. She has brilliant interaction with the guests and succeeds in having them incorporate the lifestyle easily even after they leave. The meditation session is absolutely peaceful and brilliant to rejuvenate your inner being.

She has a net total of 6 years experience as an instructor and before joining Niramayam, she worked a private studio as an instructor in Fort Kochi.


Vegetables and groceries are sourced locally from reliable and organic vendors. Medicines are also obtained from reliable and renowned sources. Some kashayams are however, made right here. They do have a plan to build a herb and vegetable garden for fresh pick daily.


Food at Niramayam is served strictly in brass utensils. This is because steel imparts its chemical quality to food upon usage whereas brass, as per ancient belief retains and enhances the nutrient quality of food. The breakfast menu largely consists of steamed Malayali breakfast fare served with coconut milk and coconut chutney and a cup of tea for those guests who are allowed to consume it. The medicines are given post the meal. Lunch and dinner is usually a course of 3 vegetables, rice and rotis (flat pancakes made of wheat). The vegetables are usually cooked in very little oil and is devoid of heavy masalas (spices). The meals are light, satisfying and extremely healthy. The medicines are served at each room individually to ensure its consumption at the right time. Diets are subject to vary as per doctor’s suggestion and these intricate details are followed and adhered to religiously. Diet is very crucial for an Ayurveda patient as it has a direct relationship with healing in Ayurveda.


Ayurveda Packages

Apart from the usual Rejuvenation, detoxification , weight loss packages etc the resort offers provide effective treatments for Gynecological Problems like Leucorrhea, PCOD, Menstrual Complaints, Infertility.


Set on the gorgeous Azhimala beach, the location is a paradise. The gradient from hills to beach offers some gorgeous views and refreshing surroundings. The property is enveloped amidst lush trees, most of them with medicinal properties. Cobbled pathways and classic Kerala style architecture, makes the resort an authentic experience.


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