Meiveda Ayurvedic Beach Resort

Sitting ashore the breathtaking Chavakkad beach, Meiveda is a fine blend of fine hospitality and traditional Ayurveda treatment methods. Built mimicking the traditional architectural style, Meiveda’s cottages are breathtaking. However, this Ayurveda resort functions largely as a treatment centre for healing, where rejuvenation and health is the prime goal. Nestled amidst green sprawling lawns and lines of coconut trees, this 4-acre property is thoughtfully created to provide the much needed holistic environment.

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With a total of 18 years of experience in Hotel and Ayurveda resort management, Meiveda is owned and run by Pavi Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Conventional healing methods are strictly followed and no compromises are made on the diet, Ayurveda philosophy and the treatments. With an impressive list of repeat visitors, Meiveda has already made a big impact and has generated a sterling reputation.



Treatments take place twice a day where uniform clad masseuse’s lead you to the treatment rooms that are positioned much closer to the beach. The rooms are walled with bamboos to provide it with a therapeutic aesthetic value. Through the bamboo, cool breeze and the soothing sound of the crashing wave seeps in making for a rather pleasant session. The treatment boards are made of medicinal tree barks to enhance the effect of the treatment.
The extremely friendly staff helps you get comfortable in no time at all and at the same time are deft, and amazing at the work they do. Each treatment room is equipped with a bathroom where you are provided with herbal shampoo and powdered green gram to use in place of soap. Green gram is believed to be a natural cleanser and when coarsely ground acts as a brilliant scrub and exfoliation. Refreshing fruit juice is served immediately after treatment. Consultation with the physician is mandatory before each treatment.



Meiveda has reconstructed the classic old Kerala charm in the property. The cottages are all brilliant replicas of a traditional and native stay.

There are classic Tharavadu (Kerala’s ancestral house architecture) style buildings called Kerala palace that is wholly made of wood. Wooden flooring is considered to be a brilliant choice for Ayurveda as it doubles up as an earthy and natural alternative to concrete. The brilliantly designed interiors make way for a verandah or a balcony in the case of the first floor that provides breathtaking views of the sea ahead. Despite its old world charm, these cottages are furnished with state of the art facilities and amenities that satiate the modern world requirements.

Besides the classic Tharavadu style accommodations, there are a series of independent cottage accommodations with sit-outs and similar modern facilities that face beautiful green landscapes instead.


The most important aspect of an Ayurveda Concept Hospitality venture such as Meiveda is to have an impressive treatment facility. And this bit resonates deeply with the need for brilliant physicians. Dr. Jessi Jaypal has been the visiting physician at Meiveda since its inception 2 years ago. This way Dr. Jessi has not only seen the resort grow in popularity but also witnessed repetition in its clientele over these years owing to brilliant services. Dr. Jessi comes with an overall 8 years of practicing experience in Ayurveda from CGH Group right after her completion of BAMS. This affable woman has seen all of Meiveda’s patients and has bonded with all of them overtime. Her trick in helping her patients acquaint themselves to the rigorous treatment techniques is simply by winning their trust and requesting them to believe that Ayurveda can heal if you believe. Half the cure is in affirming that whatever it is that you have can be cured. There are absolutely no restrictions on the physicians as imposed by the management and the power to decide the course and tenure of stay lies completely in the physician’s hands. There are no concepts of package treatment as Meiveda decides the package that is most suitable for a guest’s condition.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is conducted by a visiting instructor Mr. Santhosh Kumar. He has been practicing yoga for 10 years and has a professional teaching experience of 7 years. Before Meiveda he has worked with other leading Ayurveda Resorts across Kerala and currently holds Yoga training sessions in local schools alongside. There are two early morning Yoga sessions, at the Yoga centre which is in very close proximity with the beach. The two different sessions are based on levels of difficulty and the guests are advised to pick what suits their medical condition the best. The instructions through Mr. Kumar’s soothing voice, the early morning breeze, the peace and quiet of the location and the sound of the waves make for a blissful experience.

Meditations are also conducted by him in the evenings upon request.


Medicines are mostly sourced from outside though certain herbs are obtained from the garden in the property. Leading and reliable names in the Ayurveda medicine industry are sought for the medicines. There is mandatory communication with the patient’s once they have left and medicines are usually shipped to those clients who are in need of them. Vegetables and groceries are sourced locally from reliable vendors.


The chief chef is a much loved man. Churning out what is ideally diet food in extremely appetizing ways, requires skill and the kitchen staff at Meiveda know all those secret recipes. There is minimum usage of oil, no spices and plenty of options for salads and wholesome food. The food is cooked and served in traditional mud pots called ‘chattis’ in Malayalam. The pots are said to lend an earthy flavor to the food besides being a healthier alternative to steel or aluminum.

Breakfasts usually consist of a fruit juice, fruit salads, two types of steamed Malayali breakfast items and porridge with honey.

Lunch is wholesome and sees a varietal of curries and gravies for the rice or rotis (flat thin pancakes made in India using wheat flour). An excellent salad is whipped up and served on a little thoni (boat in Malayalam).
Dinners follow a different menu on a similar note as the lunch but all meals are ensured to be utterly healthy and delicious. The chef devises a menu plan for the week.

The food incorporates everything that makes for a healthy diet. Herbs are also infused into the strict vegetarian diet. A guest’s diet chart may vary as per the instructions of the physician. Regardless, the food is splendid and really masks the ‘diet’ feel.


Ayurveda Packages

There are no specific packages and each course of treatment is determined on the basis of the ailment. The tenure, diet and treatment courses and so on are then decided after consultation.
Meiveda has conceptualized hospitality and treatment to bring to its guest a place for complete healing. The location, the beautiful architecture and impeccable service are what make Meiveda one of the best places to heal.


It’s truly believed that ambience and location is the key when choosing an Ayurveda Resort. For one, Ayurveda requires the quiet, peaceful and holistic healing environment. Ayurveda also talks about the presence of a water body near treatments areas that proves to have healing qualities. Meiveda’s location by the beach is a treat to the eye! Sprawling beach beds adorn the section of the beach, making it the most irresistible spot. The entire property is also surrounded by medicinal trees among others that also lend to the cooling and healing effect of the location.

Situated near the temple town of Thrissur, the resort is said to be blessed by the presiding deities, which is yet another age old requirement as per Ayurveda.


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