Kalari Kovilakom Ayurveda Hospital

Walk through the pages of history in Kalari Kovilakam, a luxurious Ayurveda palace that was initially the palace of the kings and has been recently converted for the hospitality sector. The splendid architecture is reminiscent of an era that was bespoke and royal. Belonging to the Vengunad chieftains, direct descendants of Prince Dharmavar- man, the Kalari Kovilakom Palace was originally surrounded by land rich with Venga trees that have healing properties. The foliage and the large pastureland makes the location even more beautiful and natural. The beauty is one that has transcended straight from a different era. And when coupled with the age old Ayurveda that is practised here, the combination is one for the royalty itself.

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The entire property was initially the palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of the ancient Vengunad kingdom. The Vasudeva Raja of Kollengode built this palace in 1904 for his daughter.



Kalari Kovilakom offers healthcare service which is about complete well-being based on the traditional and authentic Ayurvedic system of healing. Treatments are performed in classic Kerala style after a detailed consulation. Expert therapists guide you into the treatment rooms. Their deft movement and accurate pressure gauging techniques make for a relaxing and satisfying therapy session. Kalari Kovilakom’s Ayurveda clinic has 12 treatment rooms.



The palace style accommodation ensures 100% luxury and charm. Each room is equipped with modern age facility and yet the 19th century aroma lingers on effortlessly. Kalari Kovilakom offers 18 well-appointed suites with modern amenities.


Kalari Kovilakom has a team of expert physicians who would guide the treatment process and monitor your progress

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation is part of the healing process and is integral part of your stay and treatment at Kalari Kovilakom.


Whenever possible, the medicines are freshly made at the resort with purest of the ingredients.


Food is in strict adherence to the age old Ayurveda norms. The concept of the doshas (the imbalance in our chakras) forms the principal basis of the diet and hence the food is very much in sync with the healthy, nutritious and wholesome side. Less oil, less sugar, less spices form the crux of this style of cooking without compromising on flavour and nutrition.


Ayurveda Packages

Kalari Kovilakom offers treatments for various ailments in addition to the following packages:


Kalari Kovilakom is a 200 year old palace, Located near Kollangode in the Palghat District of North Kerala, India. With majestic western ghat mountains on one side, Kalari Kovilakom is where history and royalty meets natural tranquility.


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