Athreya Ayurvedic Centre

Run by a family of physicians, Athreya is the kind of Ayurveda resort where the emphasis is on providing authentic treatments. Set on the banks of the picturesque Vembanad Lake, Athreya’s environment is delightfully refreshing. The architecture is synonymous with the ancient Kerala construction with a soaring statue of Hanuman, the monkey god, greeting the guests at the entrance. In Hindu mythology Hanuman is a trustworthy confidante of Lord Rama who symbolises strength, wit and trust. He is believed to have had a solution for each problem and was the one to uproot an entire mountain to provide medicinal herbs to heal the soldiers of his monkey clan. Very much like the god himself, Athreya is an establishment with grit and determination, that takes upon itself to heal the guests and bring them to a path of better health and lifestyle.

he introduction to Athreya will be incomplete without mentioning Dr. Sreejit, the medical Director of Athreya, who is relentlessly pursuing excellence and is innovative in his approach towards healing. His aim has been to make unexplored yet effective areas of Ayurveda popular and accessible to the people across the globe. This physician’s efforts towards making niche Ayurvedic practices available to a larger humanity is commendable.

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The property is owned and run by a family of Ayurveda doctors that formed a part of a family that has a legacy of over 5 generations for treating and healing using Ayurveda. The Vakasheril family is well known for their expertise in ayurveda and generations have benefitted by their knowledge. Athreya was started in 2001 by Dr. Gireesh and Dr. Padmadevi and they have grown from strength to strength and the whole family runs the resort.

Athreya was started off as a combination of Ayurveda, kalari (a regional martial art) and yoga. Kalari is also one that requires summoning of the inner strength. Kalari events are held at the property occasionally. For this very reason, there is a Kalari centre in the property which is a temple combined with an arena where the esteemed martial art is performed after prayers. Athreya has the Green Leaf Certification which is the highest classification of Ayurveda centers in the Tourism department of Kerala.



The treatment centers are situated amidst large trees. The rooms are well equipped and the paathi is made of medicinal tree barks. There is soulful music that fills the room during treatment. Music in general drowns out all other noises and helps divert attention to the treatment. This in turn enhances the sensation.

Choornam powder (a medicated powder) is applied on the scalp post treatment to ward of illness.



The accommodation is basic and functional with all the modern amenities. There are two accommodation wings. The old wing houses 17 rooms and the new wing houses 7 rooms with a treatment room. While the old block has the reception, reading area, dining space and the yoga room. The new block is at a secluded spot, closer to the lake with paddy fields dotting one side.

All cottages and rooms are the same, all amenities remain the same. There are both AC and non AC options.


Athreya is owned and run by a family of doctors. The Vakaseril family is one that has had Ayurveda physicians for over 5 generations. The physicians at Athreya base a portion of their diagnosis on ‘Yukti’ which means intuition. It was believed in ancient times that a physician is not just one who has the knowledge and the observation skills, but also one who has an intuitive mind.

The founder and chief physician Dr. B Gireesh (DAM) set on a journey to bring to Kottayam an Ayurveda treatment centre in the guise of a resort. With a running Ayurveda pharmacy production unit, the reality was easily met. Dr. Gireesh is driven and passionate to give to the people the best Ayurveda medical help in the books. His drive indeed shows in the brilliance with which Athreya functions. He was a disciple of one of the gems of the Ayurveda crown in Kerala, namely Vaidya Madam Veliya Narayanan Nampoothiri. With all the training and expertise he became a pioneer in the field of collaborating traditional treatment science and modern medicine.

Dr. Sreejith has been an important physician at the property for about 13 years. He is a man of much skill and dedication. He is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve the science he worships and has undergone the ancient treatment form of Kuti Praveshika Rasayana himself, to become the first doctor to experiment on himself before offering it to his guests at Athreya. His passion and dedication to Ayurveda has led him to pioneer the revival of a forgotten ancient Ayurveda therapy called Kuti Praveshika Rasayana. Due to its demanding nature and tough regimen, the procedure is not offered anywhere else at this time. However, Dr. Sreejith performed it on himself with the intent of making it available for his guests. Besides him being the first doctor, Athreya is also the first Ayurveda resort property to propagate Kuti Praveshika Rasayana, a sensory inhibition treatment form that is believed to reverse age and increase longevity.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation is a lifestyle form that helps in finding inner peace and healthy living. At athreya yoga can be practised only if the physicians say so, because some treatments do not permit yoga movements. As per the guests ailment and treatment course, levels are decided upon by the expert yoga instructors in the property.


The family owns a production unit for medicines, which is at a short distance from the resort. These medicines are used to do all the treatments and the medicines are also available in leading Ayurveda pharmacies across the town.

Most vegetables and groceries are sourced from reliable sources in town. Some herbs are in fact grown around the property which are also used in cooking.


The food is authentic Kerala cuisine redone to suit Ayurveda diet style. The meal is usually low on spices and oil, but the flavors remain intact. The meal is cooked as per traditional methods using firewood cooking techniques in earthen chattis (pots) which lends an earthy and smoked flavor. The chef is a woman who is nearly 70 plus years, hence the traditional feel is intact besides the oodles of love, care and effort she puts in it.

Breakfasts usually consist of a fruit juice, a choice of fruit, one steamed breakfast fare and an accompaniment usually a kind of lentil with vegetables.

Lunch and dinner follow a similar pattern but is a wholly different menu. There is a fruit juice, rice and an assortment of curries to go along, which covers all the segments of a balanced diet. The meal is finished with bananas to aid in digestion.

The meals may vary for some guests as per the treatment course and a traditional bell is sounded to announce meal times.


Ayurveda Packages

It is strongly believed that physical examination, observation, understanding of the psyche and intuition plays a large role in deciding a course of treatment and it may vary from person to person for the same illness.

Athreya is also the first Ayurveda resort property to propagate Kuti Praveshika Rasayana, a sensory inhibition treatment form that is believed to reverse age and increase longevity.


Located in the Pakkil region of Kottayam in Kerala, the resort is located in a dreamy village, far from noises and distraction of busy life. However, there is close proximity to the Kottayam City . A portion of the popular Vembanad Lake and sprawling paddy fields meets the eye on one side of the property, while the other offers an unadulterated view of the village life. Amidst medicinal trees and aesthetic looking architecture, the property is a treat to the eye. Additionally, there is a new wing that was recently constructed – it is situated just outside the main campus and is connected to the main wing via a bridge. It gives one the feeling of living on a small island. This new building is nestled amidst paddy fields on two sides and lake on the other, which makes it a more secluded and quieter space.


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