Perumbayil Ayurveda Mana

If you are in quest for a Ayurveda spa with highly authentic Ayurveda s, best doctors, beautiful and peaceful environment – then Perumbayil Ayurveda Mana is your destination. This ancestral property of the Perumbayil family is not only a splendid centre but also a walk through the heritage of Kerala. Perumbayil family is one that has been associated with Ayurvedic for generations. The lush medicinal trees that dot the property forming a lush evergreen canopy, adding to the holistic appeal. For the impeccable surrounding and ancient methods of Ayurveda practice, it comes as no surprise that Perumbayil draws lots of celebrities as their clientele. Majority of their guests are repeat visitors.

But Perumbayil is not just about the heritage and the aesthetic value. It is a property that has on its side a brilliant set of physicians. The senior doctors are all from Kerala’s leading Ayurveda families that have been practicing this science for generations. These are indeed the physicians who are believed to have magical hands capable of healing with expertise and skill.

What is also noteworthy about this sprawling gorgeous property is that, in addition to being an excellent resort, the adherence to Ayurveda regimen is strict. With a few medicines being made at the property every day to serving food on brass (an alloy that has medicinal properties) plates and cutlery, Perumbayil’s attention to detail is discernible.

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There are three buildings of which two are accommodation wings. Of the two, one is the actual ancestral house which is 370 years old and was called the Perumbayil Tharavad (palatial ancestral home) of the Perumbayil family. Perumabayil family is one of the oldest families of the region. At the time, this elite family contributed a lot towards the development in the region. At the time various temples in the vicinity were run by the family. Till date it is believed that the residing deities bless the guests who visit Perumbayil and assist in speedy recovery as is believed in the ancient scripts of Ayurveda. The old structure has been renovated keeping the ancient Mana(ancestral home) look alive. The house still holds some of the priceless antique possessions from the old time. These artefacts that include jewelry boxes, tiled tabletops and so on mostly serve as decoration items or memorabilia for the guests to see.



Treatment is the most crucial aspect of any such centre and Perumbayil has put efforts to retain what can be best described as the age old traditions to help guests get the best effects of traditional Ayurveda.

The guest is escorted from the room and escorted back under umbrellas as Ayurveda requires that the guest should not come under the direct rays of the sun after .

There are 8 rooms that are well equipped and have tables made of planks of wood from medicinal trees. This enhances the healing procedure. Expert therapists perform the s with finesse. Post one is provided with ground green gram powder (believed to work as a cleanser, scrub and exfoliate) and Ayurvedic shampoo for a bath. Post this choornam podi (a herbal mix of various medicinal powders that is believed to keep sickness at bay) is rubbed on the scalp.

The medicine courses are decided by the physician and even though most medicines are acquired from reliable external sources, some kashayams(medicinal concoctions) are made freshly in the property itself to increase its effectiveness.



The property has 20 aesthetically furnished rooms with attached bathrooms consisting of modern facilities. The accommodation is split between two buildings in the property. One is the actual ancestral palace and the other one is newer and is a close replica. All rooms overlook the stream.

The old mana houses the heritage rooms that are named after each of the 5 elements of life. Each room is furnished with antiques, and has colonial era flooring with large windows for excellent air circulation. The modern facilities do little to mask the heritage feel that lingers in each room. The tastefully recreated naalukettu( a traditional Kerala architecture which is a rectangular shaped building consisting of 4 main hall areas that meet at on open space in the centre. The idea behind the structure was to ensure ample ventilation, sunlight and perfect room temperature. As per Vastu (ancient Indian equivalent of Feng Shui) these structures are built cleverly to invite blessings and good luck.

The new building consists of replicated rooms that are again furnished in a similar manner. These rooms are named after the various forms (avatars) taken by Goddess Lakshmi, to be precise, Asthalakshmis (8 forms of Goddess Lakshmi). These rooms are more modern in the way they look as compared to the heritage wing. However, they are also furnished with antiques and state of the art facilities. The similarity to an actual traditional Kerala structure is striking.

Each room has a telephone, television and 24 hour hot water facility. The whole property is WiFi enabled.

The man-made stream dotted with water lilies and lotuses is visible from most rooms amidst refreshing foliage.


Perumbayil boasts a brilliant list of doctors. It’s one of the prime reasons why Perumbayil would make an excellent choice for authentic Ayurveda. There are 3 senior doctors who visit the property regularly. Besides that there are 4 resident doctors who are available to attend to cases at all points in time and perform daily consultations under the guidance of the senior doctors.

The 3 senior doctors at the property are what form the spine of the establishment. They are all from leading Ashtavaidyan families in Kerala. Ashtavaidyans are believed to be the traditional Ayurveda physicians of Kerala from the Namboodiri (Brahmin) clan. The term Ashtavaidyan originates from Ashtaangavaidyans or vaidyans (physicians in Malayalam) who were proficient in all 8 branches (called Ashtangams) of Ayurveda.They are also called Poorna vaidyans which means ‘Complete Physician’. The senior doctors of Perumbayil belong to the Vaidyamadom family, one among the 8 Ashtavaidyan families. Their learnings are not limited to classroom education alone as they have all been educated and practised under the guidance of their forefathers.

The experience in the field of Ayurveda makes them the cream of the Ayurveda physicians list which in turn makes Perumbayil a top notch Ayurveda centre.

With their expertise, these doctors are seasoned to deal with a multitude of cases. The classic style of diagnosis involves observation, physical examination and intuition to decipher an ailment in each guest. The first and second is textbook knowledge but the third is a gift that only comes from experience, heritage and wisdom handed over from generation to generation.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga instructor Varghese P K has been visiting Perumbayil for 4 months now teaching the art of yoga to the guests every morning. He has a total of 30 years of teaching experience in the field. Early morning classes vary for each guest based on the ailment or course of . Mr. Varghese has seen people who came inwith limited mobility, perform some complex asanas towards the end of the stay. Besides the instructions, he also indulges his audience in the need and benefits of making yoga a lifestyle. He helps each guest find alternative ways to practice this healing art and incorporate it in their lifestyle. There is personal interaction between the instructor and patient, hence making the whole experience absolutely worthwhile.


ll vegetables and groceries are mostly locally sourced from reliable vendors and the dairy products used are all obtained from the farm in the property. Just as how the dairy products are acquired from within the property, there are plans to convert some space into vegetable and herb gardens too, to be able to harvest fresh produce.

Medicines are also sourced from reliable brands. However, the daily kashayam(medicinal concoction) for the guests are made fresh. Freshly made Kashayam does not contain preservatives and needs to be consumed in less than 12 hours of making. This practice eliminates the use of a few medicines that are bereft of chemical preservatives. Special earthern pots are used to boil the kashayams in proportions that are mentioned in the ancient manuscripts. The kashayam and medicine room of the property is a sight that closely resembles an ancient Kerala and its healing ways.


Food is one of the most impressive things about the property. Food is in strict adherence to the norms of Ayurveda and varies for each person on the basis of a prescribed diet. It is served in brass plates with brass cutlery and brass glasses. This precision is a result of ancient beliefs that foods quality and nutrient levels are much higher when eaten in brass as compared to any other metal.

Breakfast usually consists of boiled bananas and steamed Malayali breakfast fare that is served with coconut chutney and a wholesome curry.

Lunch and dinner follows a similar pattern but a different menu. It largely consists of rice and rotis (flat pancakes made of wheat flour) served with 3 kinds of sides or curry that usually makes for a wholesome and well-balanced diet. The roti batter here is made with warm milk which makes them really soft, digestible and nutritious.

Tea is infused with masalas that have brilliant effects on the system.


Ayurveda Packages

Perumbayil does not offer pre-prepared packages. The consultation regarding the nature of the issue or ailment determines the course that will be recommended by the team of physicians.There are no packages one can pick otherwise and in most cases, if the physicians think they will be unable to take on a case, this information is conveyed before hand, though this is highly unlikely.Mostly recommended is a 14/21 day package that enlists the course to be taken by the guest.

Perumbayil also offers s to improve life of persons afflicted with neuro-muscular issues
like Parkinsons.


PERUMBAYIL AYURVEDA MANA is set in the Guruvayoor region of Thrissur in central Kerala, this idyllic temple town is believed to have divine effects on the Ayurveda Mana at large. Within the property also lies a pond that currently supplies water to the stream that meanders its way through the entire property. Water lilies and lotuses are seen in full bloom on the stream, rendering the most gorgeous landscape. There is also a cattle farm in the property, from where the dairy products are sourced. The entire property is covered by trees with medicinal properties. Nature is untouched and intact, as a result of which a natural habitat is maintained for many species of fauna as well.


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