Nikki’s Nest Ayurveda Resort

Walking into Nikki’s nest is like being transported in time, to a time in Kerala where houses were not made of concrete and bricks but with thatched roofs and mud walls. The palatial houses would be made in carved wood and the greenery surrounding it would be in its natural state. The resort has replicated the bygone era in its property with some modern amenities. The landscape that eventually descents to the beach and the sea make this a great location. Nikki’s nest practises indulgent holistic healing in this picturesque location The sister concern in Annapara, Trivandrum called Duke Forest Resort also caters to similar guests.

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Started in 1997, Nikki’s Nest started off as a leisure resort by the beach, providing high class luxurious stay by the beach side. However, with an increase in the number of guests seeking Ayurveda, two years into operation, Bailey Jacob, the founder decided to make the shift to concept Ayurveda resort. He also decided to introduce yoga and aspects of healthy diet, which would in turn complete its journey towards transforming into an Ayurveda resort. Nikki’s nest is run by a very environment friendly family and staff. The family is heavily into forest conservation and animal welfare. At the resort, there is a sewage treatment plant and a biogas unit. A group of the staff operate together calling themselves the ‘Green Dream Team’ and their role is to clean spots close to the resort for an hour every day. Besides promoting Ayurveda, Nikki’s Nest is also an environment conscious establishment that believes in the concept of conservation.



The treatment rooms are aesthetic and well equipped. The therapists, dressed in crisp uniforms lead the guests into the rooms. Each guest is allotted two therapists for the entire course. The paathi (wooden massage board) is made of barks of medicinal trees. A thin foam mattress is kept on the paathi to ensure comfort during the treatments. The procedures are done perfectly and assiduously. Usually, a bath is permitted only 1 hour post treatment and choornam powder (a mix of herbal powders to ward of illness) is applied on the scalp. Consultation with the doctor is mandatory before or after daily treatments. Post treatment, based on the tridoshas carrot juice, beetroot juice and cucumber juice are served for vatha, pitha and kapha (names of the doshas) doshas respectively.



The entire property is divided into 3 main parts namely – Nikki’s Nest, New Chalet and Old Chalet. The difference in these sections is the outlay, number of rooms and proximity to the beach.

Nikki’s nest is in the block along with one of the yoga centers, reading room, kitchen, swimming pool and restaurants.

New Chalet houses the 15 treatment rooms, physicians’ rooms, cloth shop and the other yoga centre.

Old Chalet is the oldest block and the cottages here are reminiscent of an old world charm with colorful mosaic tiles adorning the floors at each cottage.

The accommodation classification at the resort is as follows:


Dr. Praveen.R.S and Dr Geetha S.R are the two physicians at Nikki’s. Dr. Praveen has been with the resort for a little over 12 years. He is from a family lineage of Ayurveda doctors.

Dr. Geetha has an experience of about 27 years . Though her stint with Nikki’s is fairly recent, she has immense Panchakarma experience and a diploma in naturopathy, food and nutrition.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is every bit as important as the treatment at Nikki’s Nest. Care has been taken to introduce 3 basic levels of yoga based on comfort and expertise – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The guests can pick the slot suitable for them. Shivananda yoga is the main practice and Instructor Amal has been training at this resort for 2 years now.

Meditation classes are at 11 am. The landscape and open nature of the yoga hall makes this a remarkable experience. With time the sounds of nature and sea close by are clear indicators of being one with nature.


Most medicines are procured from reliable sources. Some oils and treatment powders are however produced at the sister concern called Duke’s and transported back here to be used.

Vegetables and groceries are all obtained from local vendors whose produce is wholly organic.

There are impending plans to create a herbal garden and a vegetable garden in the property itself.


Lots of innovation, details and effort is the key behind the diet food that is delicious. The buffet has a vast variety of healthy options. The meals are served on the basis of diagnosis of the tridoshas(identifying the imbalance in chakras associated to each of Earth’s five elements) in one’s body. Chef Raj has been at Nikki’s for the past 19 years churning out innovative food over the years. His passion for cooking here has resulted in him authoring a Cookbook called Nikki’s cookbook. He frequents the Alps every year for a month to work at local restaurants and learn some local recipes that he can bring back to the resort. He believes that the meditation routine he undergoes every morning helps him channelize love and effort into the cooking. Juices are served with straws made of hollow reeds, which goes onto say that the obsession with healthy alternatives and environment consciousness is notches higher.

Breakfasts usually involve an assortment of Kerala steamed items along with chutneys. There is also an assortment of cereal, fruits and oatmeal. This is usually accompanied with herbal tea based on the tridoshas.

Lunch includes a fabulous assortment of innovative salads, a couple of starters, one juice or health drink, a refreshing soup, two types of rices and curries and accompaniments classified as per the tridoshas.

Dinner follows a similar style of the lunch but a completely different menu and is accompanied by two varieties of desserts. Herbal tea is served at all times.


Ayurveda Packages

Nikki’s Nest offers an array of Ayurveda packages. However, there are also cases where guests can undergo a complete diagnosis before picking a package. The packages are conventional and most treatments usually are diagnosed and take an independent treatment course.

Some of the packages are:


Set on the gorgeous Azhimala beach, the location is a paradise. The gradient from hills to beach offers some gorgeous views and refreshing surroundings. The property is enveloped amidst lush trees, most of them with medicinal properties. Cobbled pathways and classic Kerala style architecture, makes the resort an authentic experience.


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