'Soma Kerala Palace'

Kerala is immensely popular for the backwaters and right in the middle of the most picturesque of them all – Vembanad Lake, lays 'Soma Kerala Palace'. Placed right in the middle of Asia's biggest backwater, the property offers stunning views of the lake in all its glory. Being an island property, it is secluded and far away from noise and pollution. The idea is resonant with the charm of a quintessential Kerala of the 18th and 19th century. What belonged to Kerala's erstwhile royalty has been transported and recreated here to bring back to life 250 year old Kerala with the rich culture, architecture, cuisine and Ayurveda treatments.


The entire property has been built by transporting architectural structures from across Kerala and reconstructing them at this location. Some of these buildings date back to the 18th century and hold immense historical value. They are reminiscent of the tales of a time in history where structures and buildings were more about aesthetic value, vastu( traditional Indian system of architecture) and clever construction. Some of those buildings and their relevance in history is mentioned below:


The wooden mansion is nearly 300 years old and was originally built in the Pala region. The mansion belonged to Poothett family before it was bought by Kayalakkakam family.


This kachavadappura (market place) was a major market space in Pala. Here the farmers sold dried ginger and cardamom in return for salt and tobacco around 1875.


During the 18th and 19th century, Sreedhari was a reputed and reliable Ayurveda Shala (centre) at Pala.


This impressive structure originally sat on the shore of the Meenachil river of Pala in around 1890. It was an important centre in the Pala market and housed many important offices at the time.


This humble abode belonged to a farmer and was built around 1850. Then called the Kallunthalakkal tharavadu it belonged to the prosperous farming family of Kallunthalakkal Chacko.

V.T's House:

This is yet another classic kachavadapura where V.T Thomas, a noted entrepreneur based in Pala set up his business.


This palatial property belonged to Sree Suryanatayana Pillai around 1800AD. He was one among the Nalekkatt Pillais that were brought to Travancore by Tamil Nadu's Maharaja to help with administration.

Neythallor Math:

This typical ettukettu architecture was initially constructed in Kanyakumari district of erstwhile Travancore, in the 18th century. Constructed by veteran vastu architects, this building belonged to Madhavaru and Vasudevaru, who belonged to the royal court of the King of Travancore.

Kozhanal Maalika:

This elegant structure was a part of residence of the Kozhanal family, a reputed family of Kshatriyas. The residents were believed to be close aids of the King of Travancore.

The 5-acre island property is a part of the 'Soma Kerala Palace' Group.


The treatment block is right in the centre of the property. The rooms are lit subtly and the paathi is made of medicinal tree barks. Prayers are performed before the treatment. The expert therapists are clad in uniforms and well trained in Ayurveda therapy and treatments.

There is a mandatory consultation before treatment every day. The presence of the water body, lack of pollution of any sort and the picturesque landscape has added to the successful nature of the treatments.


The accommodations are worthy of a king. The structures with the archaeological relevance that house these rooms are bound to bring about a sense of nostalgia and love for all things ancient and antique.

Palace Rooms:

These are the lowest category rooms but their splendor say another tale altogether. These are classic rooms with an attached bathroom done in antique furniture. These traditional Kerala wooden structures have a common sit-out space.

Yuvraja Suite:

The yuvaraja suite is as the name suggests one that befits a prince. The large rooms with attached bathrooms are all a part of a house that was constructed in fine carved wood and elegant tile work. The ancient type of furniture adorning these rooms is a discerning peek into the rich heritage. They have a private balcony or a sit-out space.

Maharaja Suite:

Built and designed to suit the needs of a king, this accommodation type is luxurious, indulgent and undeniably beautiful. It consists of a living room, a spacious bathroom and an attached bathroom. The bathroom has a tub and all other modern amenities. These rooms are done is bricks and wood works and are sheer splendors of architecture from an era gone by.

The property is WiFi enabled and consists of all modern facilities including a swimming pool, a souvenir shop and yoga halls. There is also a tower at the edge of the property next to swimming pool, from where a bird's eye view of the backwaters is visible.


Dr. Baiju Raj (BAMS) is the visiting doctor who has been working at the property for nearly 3 years. He comes with a net total of 28 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda.

The case sheets have been designed in multiple foreign languages for the convenience of the guests. The doctor meets with them every day until their treatment is complete.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga instructor George has been with the property ever since its inception. There is a semi open yoga hall towards the far end of the property. It is surrounded by the lawns and trees fringing the property. There is an excellent breeze emanating from the lake alongside and the quiet yet persistent sounds of ripples and gentle waves make the experience wholesome and unique.

Special yoga classes are conducted upon request.


'Soma Kerala Palace' group owns a production unit in Trivandrum from where most of the medicines are procured.

The vegetables and groceries are locally sourced from nearby villages.


Food is served to Ayurveda guests on the basis of their diagnosis. The food is served buffet style in earthen pots to retain the earthy flavors and goodness of the food. The meals are classified as per Vatha, pitha and kapha, the three doshas (imbalances in the body chakras based on the 5 elements of life). Fruit juices, healthy salads, lentils and vegetables are commonly served to all guests.

Breakfasts include traditional Malayali breakfast items besides toast, jam, butter, fruits and cereal. Healthy juices are served as well.

Lunch and dinner are the buffet style that adheres to strict Kerala meal norms with the inclusion of some innovative salads.

Herbal water is available throughout. Chef Anoopand his staff ensures that the food is delectable yet high on nutrition and in accord with the Ayurveda regulations.

Ayurveda Packages

There are some treatment packages designed keeping in mind some generic requirements.

  • Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Body Purification Therapy
  • Relaxation Massage Therapy
  • Beauty care program

An all season variety of therapeutic packages are available and can be decided upon, after the initial consultation.



This island property is surrounded by the scintillating Vembanad backwaters. The waterfront on all four sides makes for mind blowing view of the lake with far views of islands covered in forest landscape. The view from anywhere on the property is simply mesmerizing and makes one feel being part of nature. Adorned in pulsating palm trees and verdurous greenery, 'Soma Kerala Palace' is a slice of heaven. Situated in Chempu, a picturesque suburb about 18km from Kochi city, this place is absolutely perfect for Ayurveda. A small river called Murinjapuzha river flows alongside the property. Guests are provided with private boat services to reach the property and reach back on the mainland. Since the property is on an island, some leisure activities include boating around the lake property.

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