Nilaveli Ayurveda Resort

Nestled beside picturesque beach and a tranquil lagoon in Sri Lanka, is the gorgeous Ayurveda retreat – Nilaveli Ayurveda Resort. What awaits a guest at the end of a journey from mainland to the island is simple, mind-blowing landscape cradled in water body and enveloped in lush greenery. This resort is not only a Ayurveda haven but also a treat to the eye, thus making it an ideal place to find corrective and regenerative healing.


Nilaveli was started in February of 2015. Despite being fairly new, the beautiful property has built up a reputation already. The property was built by Dr. Robert Thevarajah who hails from a traditional Ayurveda family in Sri Lanka. He studied Ayurveda medicine in Colombo and currently resides and has been working in Switzerland for more than 20 years.


Treatment courses begin after completion of a thorough diagnosis. The treatment rooms are located in the midst of the greenery in the property. The tranquility surrounding the space is soothing and the potential to channelize positive energy towards the process of healing. Therapists deftly knead the body with great care and devotion.

There are 6 treatment rooms. Two of these are located in wooden pavilions in the garden area where one can unwind to the sounds of nature and the cool breeze from the lagoon and sea. The remaining is built in strict adherence to Vedic principles in the treatment wing. There is soothing music that helps relax during the treatment. The massage board is made of medicinal wood barks and aids in effective healing as the gust imbibes the property from the wood as well.


The property is home to 10 bungalows which serve as accommodation for the guests. Vastu (Feng Shui) has been followed to ensure health, harmony and success. The structures are made of local material therefore ensuring a well maintained temperature inside.

Each bungalow has been built as per European standards. All rooms have a king size bed, an attached bathroom and an extension that forms an outdoor shower garden area. Each room has a verandah and all modern amenities. Cool breeze filters into each bungalow from the lagoon and sea.

There are swing seats and benches scattered around the property, near the garden and the lagoon area. There is also a natural water swimming pool that the guests can enjoy.


The property follows authentic Ayurveda and has a physician at all times within the poperty premises.

The therapeutic crew consists of 10 qualified Ayurveda therapists. The treatment wing is headed by Dr. Wipul Gallage who is a well versed Ayurveda specialist.

Yoga and Meditation

With a charming location, unwinding and finding one self becomes a conquerable task. To aid in the process, there is a yoga and meditation centre which is in the open spaces of the garden, by the lagoon. The location is reason good enough to find peace of mind. Three times a week hatha yoga is taught to interested guests by the coveted Dr. Pholtan Rajeeu. He is an Ayurveda physician and a yoga therapist. His classes are for the beginners and for advanced students. The kind of yoga taught is simple and focuses on body awareness, stretching and relaxation.

Introduction courses for meditation are available if required.


Medicines are mostly prepared for each guest separately from the locally available herbs, present within the property. However, in case of requirement, some medicines are sourced from highly reliable sources.

Organic vegetables and herbs are obtained from local markets outside. However, only pesticide free and completely reliable produce is used.


Food is indeed one of the most crucial aspects of Ayurveda healing and plays a huge role in the complete rejuvenation of the body. Ayurveda philosophy states that it's through good food that a man thrives and he becomes what he eats.

The meals at Nilaveli are carefully thought after and in complete adherence to the intended impact food must possess as is stated in the ancient books. Food needs to be a blend of organic, enjoyable, nutritious and purifying ingredients that come together to reverse any imbalance in the body.

Only fresh, nutritious and delicious vegetarian food is served. All allergies are taken into account for each guest.

Ayurveda Packages

A diagnosis includes symptom analysis, pulse diagnosis, tongue, eye, nail, and body movement analysis to determine the underlying factors of ailments. Upon determination, the treatment that ensues includes the rightful treatment such as Pizichil, kizhi, shirodhara etc.

Some of the preplanned treatment packages are below.

  • Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Body Purification Therapy
  • Slimming Program
  • Stress Management Program
  • Beauty Care Program
  • Ayurveda Anti-Aging Program

For each guest the course of treatment varies even if the same condition is diagnosed. Ayurveda is complete only when the right treatment is paired with the apt food habit, ingestible medicines and the correct exercise.



Nilaveli is a small island situated 17km north of Trincomalee which is home to some of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. This capital of the Eastern province is approximately 260km from the capital city Colombo.

This beautiful location is near one of the largest natural, deep-water ports in the world and abundant in astounding foliage and stunning landscapes.

The resort is situated in close proximity to a lagoon and the beaches.

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