Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Health Resort

Keraleeyam is a traditional Ayurveda resort set in the enchanting and world famous backwaters of Kerala. From the resort, one can spot activities and the lifestyle surrounding the region. Time really stands still in this side of Kerala where the fishermen's family go about a lifestyle very similar to an ancient one. Most families here own their own boats and a boat ride through the lake will give you a glimpse of their humble yet astoundingly different lifestyle. Owned and operated by a family which has a 75-year-old involvement with Ayurveda, Keraleeyam is a place that has been delivering authentic treatment in its purest form for the past 30 years.


The main building of Keraleeyam that houses the reception, kitchen and dining area is a traditional house by the lake. The building itself is 80 years old and rich in heritage.

The Managing Director, Mr. Ramesh Keshavan is from a renowned Vaidyar(Traditional Ayurveda Doctor) family. His father P.S KeshavanVaidyar and grandfather MararikulamKuttanVaidyar, were both big players in Ayurveda in the yester years. Mr. Ramesh took to this path by pioneering an Ayurveda pharmacy called SD pharmacy which is a hugely popular venture till date.


There are 3 treatment rooms of which 2 are for women and 1 is for men. They are a part of the main building and lie in close proximity to the consultation room. Each room has a paathi (massage board) made of medicinal wood. There are large windows that offer a view of the garden space outside. The rooms have a steam chamber and a bathroom each. One therapist is allocated to one guest throughout the treatment course.


The accommodation in Keraleeyam is very much in sync with the architecture of the backwater locality of Alleppey. Most rooms are thatched and have a very native village feel to them.

There are 3 rooms in the main block which open out to the dining area. These rooms have a bedroom and a bathroom with all modern facilities. This is in close proximity to the consultation rooms as well.

Premium Cottage:

These are at a 100 feet walk from the main building and are thatched. Each cottage has a room with an attached bathroom and a sit out. The building is two floors and the top floor has a balcony that overlooks the lake.


There are 3 independent cottages made entirely of thatched plantain leaves. These are lake facing. Each cottage has a bedroom, a dressing room that leads to an open sky bathroom and a sit-out. These rooms are furnished with antique furniture and have a natural cooling effect owing to the thatched construction.

Twin Cottage:

One of the cottages facing the lake is a Kerala traditional house made of carved wood which has two separate rooms joined by a common balcony area. Each room has an attached bathroom. This is an ideal accommodation for families.

Each room is furnished with antique furniture and has all modern amenities.


Dr. Sridevi (BAMS) has a 7 year experience in the field of Ayurveda is the chief physician at the resort.

Upon meeting with the guest on the first day a diagnosis and course of treatment is determined. Post this daily consultation before the treatment is mandatory. On the final day, a plan for the treatment is drawn and follow up actions are suggested.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga classes are conducted every morning and evening. The yoga hall is nearly 100 feet from the main building, a little away from the lake, nestled between trees and a stagnant lake body. The open yoga hall is quiet, calm and perfect to summon peace and tranquility.

Mr. Sivadasan is the yoga instructor who trains the guests. Upon request he conducts special classes for guests who request it. He does undertake meditation training also, especially for guests on relaxation programs.

The exercises are simple and in the beginner level most of the times unless there is a common request to increase the expertise. There are breathing exercises and some simple asanas. However, it is customized for each guest as per their condition and requirement.


Medicines are obtained from reliable pharmacies and production units.

Medicines are all manufactured at the production unit owned by the resort, SD pharmacy. This pharmacy is operational and has high reliability.


The food is usually on an A la Carte basis. For the Ayurveda guests the menu is designed by the physician which is then handed over to the kitchen staff. The staff puts together a nutritious meal devoid of spices and containing less oil.

Breakfast is a choice of a fruit juice and a Kerala breakfast item, usually accompanied by mixed vegetables and coconut chutney. Lunch and dinner consists of a course of salads, rice and healthy curries that makes for a balanced diet. A fruit juice is also served alongside.

Herbal water is provided at all points in time.

Ayurveda Packages

With a background in Ayurveda, Keraleeyam does offer unadulterated treatments. Set ashore a lake, the environment factor also helps the healing process. Usually a diagnosis is required to decide the treatment course. However, the following generic treatments are available.

  • Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package
  • Ayurvedic Body Purification package
  • Ayurvedic slimming package
  • Ayurvedic Beauty Care package
  • Ayurvedic Stress Management package
  • Ayurveda Panchakarma package
  • Ayurvedic Relaxation package
  • Ayurvedic Pain Relief package
  • Anti-Aging package

Since all medicines are acquired from the property, if there is any need for a special mix of herbs, it is easy to acquire from the factory hence giving the doctor the liberty to innovate instead of choosing from a limited available list.



By the shore of the Punnamada lake, which is a part of famous Vembanad lake, Keraleeyam lies in one of the most picturesque spots in Kerala. This backwater features in the 'Top 10 Paradises' listed by the National Geographic Travel Magazine. The region called Kuttanad which is minutes away from the property is the starting point for the annual and most coveted Nehru Trophy boat race and is identified as the largest backwater in Kerala. Situated in the most sought after tourist destinationAlleppey for its glorious backwaters, Keraleeyam is indeed blessed with excellent location.

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