Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara

As one passes through the gates of Heritance Ayurveda Mahagedara, it's safe to say that you have arrived at the Ayurveda haven. Nestled amidst luscious palm and Firangipani trees, is a heritage resort that is as serious about hospitality as it is about Ayurveda. The lovely greenery transcends into tranquil aqua blue ocean stretches that soothes the eye with its consistency. In addition to swimming pool, there is a lotus pond, where one can lounge and relax. The property has a craft centre where you can watch local artisans at work and join in as well as a part of the resorts activities.


Initially called the Neptune Hotel the name was later changed to Maha Gedara which implies ancestral home, as it was the first heritage property built by the group.

The property was initially designed by the local architect Geoffrey Bawa. The refurbishment was later done in 2010 by Vinod Jayasinghe, a student of the great architect himself.

Heritance Hotels is a group of hotels that combines heritage and luxury. The group has been functional for nearly 140 years and initially operated under the name of Aitken Spence.


Conventional and authentic Ayurveda treatments are conducted at the property with lot of care and attention. The entire environment of the resort is conducive of holistic healing. The aesthetically built treatment rooms meet at a lake area where one can relax before or after the treatment. The water lilies and lotuses on the lake surface are extremely relaxing and set the right tone for the treatment and its effects.

The staff and therapists are affable and helpful. The rooms are well equipped with all paraphernalia required for the treatment. Each treatment room has a bathroom and a private pool space. Every treatment room has a shower and toilet as well as outdoor pool and bath. There is also a central relaxing area by a lotus pond, where you can wind down on a sun lounger before or after treatment. Guests are advised not to shower for 2 hours post treatment to allow the treatment to take effect.


The heritage property offers splendid and luxurious accommodation that are fit for the elite. Each room is a fine example of class, elegance and heritage.

The rooms are classified as below:

Standard Room – Classic Room:

These rooms are mostly single bed rooms with a sea view balcony. The bathrooms have a rain shower cubicle and these rooms are perfect for individuals who are looking for a relaxing and pleasant stay.

Deluxe Room:

These rooms are more or less similar to the Standard room except that they are slightly bigger and have a larger balcony.

Corner Luxury Room:

These lovely rooms have a triple aspect and large balconies which offer uninterrupted view of the beach and a sanguine sunset. The bedrooms are furnished with a kingsize bed.

Suite Room:

There are 7 of these high end luxury rooms that are spacious and have a private sitting area along with a large bedroom with kingsize bed and attached bathroom.


The property boasts of a list of excellent physicians who are aces in the field of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Nalindra Wickramaratne is the Chief Ayurveda Physician at the property. He is a BAMS from the University of Colombo. He also holds a diploma in Counseling and Psycho Social Work. He is an established Pranic Healing Practitioner and a Tachyon Trainer.

Dr. Kalpana Ratiyala is a BAMS from the University of Colombo and holds a masters degree in Buddhist Ayurveda Counseling, a diploma Ayurveda Panchakarma and Ayurveda drug manufacture. She also holds a certificate in Pranic healing among other qualifications that go on to state that she is a jack of all trades and even a master of all. She is the senior physician at the property.

There are 4 resident Ayurveda physicians who attend to guests on a daily basis during consultations.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a tool that enables instant healing and relieves stress and tension like no other activity. Yoga is practiced at the property 7 days a week along with meditation. It helps balance the body, mind and soul.

The instructor is a yoga guru who has been specially brought from the Himalayas in India to pass on the art of holistic living.


Vegetables and groceries are sourced locally from reliable vendors. Only organic fare and fresh produce is used to make the delicious and nutritious meals at the property.

Most medicines are obtained from reliable sources. All of them are manufactured in reputed herbal companies in Sri Lanka under the supervision & control of experts in the field.


Based the diagnosis the meals are devised based on the dosha predominance (imbalance in the body chakras). Each meal is a fine blend of western outlook to authentic Sri Lankan cuisine tailored to suit the Ayurveda diet.

No artificial flavors, colors, fragrances or sauces are used in the preparation of the meals. The nutritious meals are cleverly designed to disguise the blandness of diet food with authentic flavors.

The two floor restaurant overlooks the pool and garden spaces and helps soak in the lovely weather.

The breakfast usually consists of juices, cut fruits, cereal, rotis (flat pancakes made of wheat), yoghurt, selection of Sri Lankan curries, and milk rice. The chefs can whip up eggs upon request.

Lunch and dinner follow a similar pattern but a different menu. They usually consist of a variety of salads, soups, rotis, rice and a selection of curries along with sambol (a grated coconut dish which serves as an accompaniment for rice) and grilled fish. There is also a set menu that one can pick from.

The meals are authentic Sri Lanka cuisine that is high on nutrients and taste.

Herbal tea is available at all times. There is also a juice and smoothie bar that serves healthy drinks.

Ayurveda Packages

All conventional packages pertaining to rejuvenation, relaxation and detoxification are performed. Panchakarma packages are also available and can be picked based on the diagnosis. The Ayubowan Panchakarma package has 3 phases which includes Poorva Karma (pre-actions), Pradhana Karma (main actions) and Pashchaath Karma (post actions) that ensures complete cleansing.

The other packages on offer are:

  • Ayubowan Slimming Program
  • Ayubowan Stress Relief Program
  • Ayubowan Rejuvenation Package
  • Relaxing Holiday Package

Ayubowan stands for long and fruitful life.

However, most treatment plans are devised after diagnosis.



Situated on the island country's south west coast, Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara is located near the Beruwala village, nearly 60km from Colombo.

The property overlooks the stunning Indian Ocean and is nestled amidst tropical landscape making for a great experience where one experiences closeness to nature.

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